Thursday, September 30, 2010

October.. Sweet Sweet October

September has been a crummy month to say the least. It started off with a bang- Braylon and I's trip to Austin to see Emily; but that ended quick and life hit me square in the throat.

The weather changed from gorgeous to gloomy so that set the mood for the next few weeks. September 11, of course we remember that day for our fallen Americans in the worst attack on American soil in history; it was also the worst day I've had in a years. Dajuan, Braylon and I were headed to a UofM football game party and ended up in a horrific car accident. I'm glad to report we are all okay, we were definitely banged up and bruised but okay to say the least! It all happened so fast and put our lives into perspective in a matter of seconds. Dajuan and I have had a busy couple of weeks trying to get me a new car and get all the 'details' worked out to say the least. What a HEADACHE! Insurance battles, buying a new car, fines etc. This past month has felt like one big wrench in my side. I am thankful to be alive but so overwhelmed with the aftermath.

After the crash, I had to pick life up and move forward, I'm coaching volleyball still and working both jobs. Coaching is so much more difficult than I ever thought it'd be. Parents, kids, put that on repeat and you get my point! I love the game, or else I would have walked a while ago. I'm looking forward to the end of the season and not really looking back hehe.

I do love October though, don't you? The leaves are so gorgeous and serene. I love when you take a deep breath and the air is so crisp it makes you cough.. mmm! My brother, Grant Hilton as most of you know has been playing on Varsity Football this season and Friday nights have not let me down! There is something about Friday nights under the lights, fresh air and football that warm my little heart! Braylon is Uncle Grant's number ONE fan! He is 17 months old now; when he sees Uncle Grant he says, "fball, fball mammma"... SO CUTE! He relates Grant to football- smarty pants. My little hunny bear is going to be an athlete- he has to be, end of story :)

This month is also Dajuan and I's FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Can you believe it has already been a year, so great :) I'm so happy and blessed, we are so happy! It's such a toss up when you end up having a baby before the wedding- at least I think it is. We did everything out of order and let me just say, I wouldn't wish that for anyone. Every decision is more of a challenge, the level of commitment isn't there and the perception of others isn't always a supportive one. None the less, we've made it and I'm so proud. I thank God for showing me the path to take to get me to this point in my life- it took me making bad decisions in order to have life fall into place. I'm starting to learn God's plan is far bigger than I ever expected. His love for me is so deep; I constantly mess up and he wipes my slate clean. I yearn to be holy. Does that make sense to you? I want to live my life to his expectations; of course I'm human and a stubborn one at that! I mess up all the time, but I know my God is an awesome God!

My prayer for this month is to continually show me that I am not in control, that my plan isn't always right and that my timing isn't yours Lord. I thank-you for sparing our lives in on that rainy day and look forward to every morning you bless us with. Life may be crazy but it's blessed, we're blessed.


Abby Marie

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here, There, and Everywhere

Hi All! It's Thursday, one day closer to the weekend. My plan was to blog earlier this week, but things have been all over the place so here I am! It has been an amazing couple of weeks. Two weekend ago, Dajuan and I traveled across state to Saugatuck, MI, where my Uncle Dony has his boat in the Yacht Club there. It was their annual Margarita Party; Dajuan and I have made it a point to attend each year. This year was no different, it was amazing! The weather couldn't have been better- low 90s and sun!

What a beautiful sight of Lake Michigan, I'm convinced there is no better!

Dajuan and I were able to spend endless hours on the boat, and in the water as well as get in some quality time with great people! Below is a picture of us on the dock at the Club, cute right?

Aunt Prudie kept Braylon over night so we were actually able to enjoy the water all day Sunday as well. After that weekend treat we headed back East home to Braylon and to prepare for the upcoming week; after all, Braylon and I were jet setting to Austin, TX on Thursday to see EMILY ELIZABETH! The week actually went by quite fast and before you knew it, Braylon and I were in the air headed south to Austin.

Can I just say, I have the most amazing sister in all of the world! She was so great to us while we were in TX. She spoiled Braylon beyond belief. It was adorable, when we first arrived at her house (which is absolutely gorgeous by the way), she had dresses laid out for me and an outfit laid out for Braylon that she had bought for us, as well as lots of diapers, swim suits and sunglasses! We arrived late Thursday night, so we headed to bed shortly after we landed to prepare for some eventful days ahead.
Friday morning was wonderful! We woke up and made 'pannicakies' as I like to call them to Braylon. Of course he devoured 4 medium sized cakes before I cut his cute little butt off. Then we all showered and headed out to lunch and shopping. Emily took us to the 'Domain Shopping Center' in North Austin. It was raining that morning and luckily Braylon was ready for a nap; it was amazing, Emily and I strolled for hours roaming exquiste shops and restaurants.

Here are a few pictures from our afternoon:

After a day filled with shopping bliss, we headed out to dinner at Mangia's... a couple blocks from where Emily lives, so we walked. It's a great Chicago style pizza place. It was so yummy!

After dinner, Emily's roommate Mary volunteered to watch Braylon for a couple hours so that we could go downtown to 6th Ave. and check out the night life. The city at night is so gorgeous, as most cities are. We walked for what seemed like forever, but hey, whose complaining! Josh took us to his favorite restaurant, Iron Cactus, where we sat rooftop sipping on some Cactus Juice Margaritas! YUMMY!

That is the end of day ONE! The next day we met up at Josh's apartment complex pool area with some of our cousins from Nothern Texas and spent the day grilling out and swimming. It was awesome to relax and just enjoy being on VACATION! My cousins are so cute and can I just say, that Braylon had the time of his life. By the end of the day, he was jumping off the edge into my arms!

Here are a few shots from the day:

After spending endless hours in the sun, we were all so burnt out and tired. The Spear cousins all headed back home and Emily, Josh, Braylon and I headed out to Plucker's for dinner! I'm so disappointed I didn't get a picture of my deep fried pickles, but boy were they delicious! It was a nice relaxing evening, we sat on the patio, ate good food and chatted over pickles and wings... mmm :)

I couldn't believe how fast our trip was going, before I knew it, it was Sunday, our last full day in TX... tear! We woke up and took a nice walk through Emily's gorgeous neighborhood. Emily lives right off of University of Texas' campus in a colorful neighborhood of houses occupied by mainly professors and administration of the University. I couldn't help but take a few shots of these beautiful homes, their architecture was so unique and pretty.

Emily's House:

Here are some of the beautiful houses in her neighborhood:

After our walk, we hurried to get ready for church and lunch. Church was held in an event center building right downtown. It was a gorgeous area, with beautiful highrise buildings around it. Take a look at the set up!

Considering this was a final day, we headed out to lunch for one last hoorah! Emily took us down to South Congress Ave.; it really reminded me of Ann Arbor or Nashville. So eclectic and artsy, I loved it. We ate at Guerro's Authentic Mexican Restaurant. Nothing like going out on a good note! The food was delicious and they even had table side entertainment. After we were done with lunch, we walked the strip checking out dozens of cute shops; it was so hot, we didn't last long.

I hope the pictures do our trip some justice, it was simply amazing. I'm so blessed. Thank You Emily for all that you did for Braylon and I, we had the best time and cannot wait to come visit again.

I hope all of you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend and are all back in the swing of things now that school is off and running! OH, and I almost forgot, my girl's had their first volleyball game last night, and we WON! Lots of work still to do, but hey, I'll take it. Just call me coach ;-)

Until next time.... Abby Marie