Monday, February 11, 2013


As a fresh mommy of two, I'm worn out, exhausted, spit-up on and rarely get a shower before dark but what a fabulous job I have! Hard to believe Christian will be 4 months old on Thursday and Braylon will be 4 years old in April.

Our lives are in the midst of transition again (when aren't they), and I'm feeling a plethora of emotions. I love being home with the boys during the day and all the sweet sweet memories I'm making with them. On the other hand, I have a yearning to work again, to bury myself in paperwork and get lost in conversation with adults. When the boys and I wake in the morning, I lay there (tears usually) and thank Jesus for every single minute he allows me to have with them. I know eventually, most likely sooner than later, my unlimited time with them will end and my life will shift to evening meetings and research.

Please pray for me and our family as we continue to make the transition to full-time working mommy. Specifically that I have patience, sleep, a lot of love and extra time with my boys!

Love to you all,

Jefferson Junction