Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nashville Flood 2010

Lately, I've been thinking about a conversation my Aunt Prudie and I had regarding the recent flood that took place in Nashville. Some of you may not be aware of the 420 billion gallons of water that fell in just over 24 hours in Nashville in early May. The media as well as our President have hardly even recognized that this natural disaster took place.

I've had to really dig to find information about the flood however; the information I did find is saddening. The pictures are heartbreaking. I cannot imagine losing my house, or place of employment or just losing landmarks in and around the city. For example, the The picture of the Grand Ole Opry just hurts to look at. Even I have memories of taking trips there while visiting my Aunt on vacation! It is a historical site that will take months and months to fix; I heard the earliest Opryland will open is October of this year!!

Imagine the amount of jobs lost at the mall, OpryMills, and Opryland, and The Grand Ole' Opry. An article stated that aside from the many hospitals scattered throughout the city, that Opryland, Opry Mills, and The Grand Ole Opry are second in line of job supply. What a tremendous loss!

Out of all of this tragedy does come triumph! Nashville has come together as a community; several benefits, and charity fundraisers have taken place. Although the storm has passed and the sun is shining it will still be many months until Nashville will return to normal.

Keep the people of Nashville and especially those who have lost everything in your thoughts and prayers; and if you can DONATE.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Morning America!!

Today I woke up and turned on the tv... like most mornings, I keep the tv set to ABC. The majority of the shows I watched are on ABC and I love to see what GMA has to say to Americans each morning. Today, to my surprise, the first thing I hear "Why hasn't President Obama been down here to help", "This should be a time when his ratings are on the rise, not staggering"... YES, I am just as shocked as YOU! National news finally had something to say about the way Obama has been handling things.

I want to make it clear, I support President Obama because he is my President; I DO NOT support his actions or what he stands for. I just think it says wonders when an influencial Democrat is in such an uproar that he is tripping over his words on GOOD MORNING AMERICA!

I just wonder what "changes" Obama really promised us he was going to make. In college during the election Obama campaign supporters had signs everywhere. "Yes we can".... We can what?! He was appealing to the people of my generation, he was savvy with his words...a great speaker, he's best friends with Oprah and goes to Yankees games with Jay Z... a college students dream! There are so many times I think to myself, is this our President, why? How did this happen? He is more of a celebrity than anything.

This shouldn't be about Democrats and Republicans, rather the AMERICAN people! When is our turn to enter the game and take the spotlight? While these two parties are in a game of tug-o-war, the people who really matter are the ones suffering.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Typical Tuesdays

Hey All!! I made the switch from wordpress to blogspot, I think I'm going to be a lot happier with this!

I cannot believe this weather, it is absolutely GORGEOUS. I'm looking out the office window like a sad puppy whose owners are gone for the day... you know what I'm talking about! Having a full time job is challenging, even more so in the summer months.

TONIGHT marks the Finale of Dancing With The Stars.... BITTERSWEEEEET! Finally, I will have my Monday and Tuesday nights back. I have found myself planning my schedule around being home to watch DWTS, pathetic possibly? This season is so good though, they really have some good dancers on there and it's so fun to watch. Unfortunately, I will never be able to dance like that. Braylon loves the music, he bops up and down and pretends to snap his fingers ((( so cute ))). I think I want Erin Andrews and Max to win, I was so undecided but I think they have come a long way and are so fun to watch. I do like watching Nicole from the Pussy Cat Dolls but I have mixed feelings about her. Dancing is part of her perfession, you know what I'm saying. I will say though, she is an AMAZING dancer!! Good luck to all three, but whoever wins does deserve!

So today marks day three of my dieting of workouts... so far so good :) I'm actually in that 'workout mode' and hopefully will stay focused. Originally I wanted to be in shape by the time my hubby and I got camping in mid June; now, I've decided I want to make it a permanent lifestyle. I KNOW it sounds a lot easier than it is, but I have a lot of motivation behind this. Who doesn't want to look good!? I am almost back down to where I was pre-baby, but I really need to tighten up and tone. I started running every night, only a mile or so but that's all it takes. That one mile will turn into 3 then 4 etc... I'm excited to see my end result, I'll have to post a updated picture in mid June (maybe) haha.

Well for all of you who aren't in an office today, I'm JEALOUS, but enjoy it! I'll be here at my desk slaving away.. or will I :) Happy Tuesday, one day closer to a long Holiday weekend!

Until next time... xO.