Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bullying... whose fault is it anyway??

My mom and I were talking about bullying, sex, teenagers etc.... Being a kid these days is difficult- I'm sure it was when I was young too, but I just had that "everyone is my friend" attitude. You know what I'm talking about.. the type of attitude where I'm here and available to be your friend but if not, that's okay too. I feel its the best way to be- putting yourself out there but not enough to get your feelings hurt.

Lately the media has bombarded our households with tear-jerking stories about suicide and attempts at suicide due to bullying. Many celebrities have started anti-bullying campaigns; in attempt to putting a stop to prejudices against gay and lesbian students and bullying in general. I couldn't agree more, but it stems deeper than that. These are severe cases we are witnessing, but don't you agree with me when I say bullying is everywhere, not just with openly gay students?

My mom constantly asks Grant (who is straight), "Are those guys mean to you on your team Grant, just tell me?".. Of course Grant always ignores the questions and assures us they aren't; but how are we supposed to know? Here he is, a sophomore, approximately 125 pounds and starting on Varsity football over many other OLDER players... Granted, they never throw him the ball, sometimes I wonder if they forget he is there. Regardless, he's there and maintains his calm demeaner day in and day out. He's the type of kid that if he were to be bullied, nobody would be aware of it. I will say with 100% confidence, I don't think he is bullied... but I'm sure many others like him are. Why do we bully? Who do we pin point? What is our motive? Whether it is because of sexuality, gender, race, or athletics.. it is happening at an enormous rate.

I believe in order to contribute to an initiative of anti- bullying-- Parents have to step in! This is YOUR responsibility, YOU are accountable for your children. How can we point the finger at others? Our children from a very young age adapt to their surrounding environment; what they are exposed to at home with their family, music lyrics played while they are present, language used in front of them and/or directed at them as well as religions beliefs or lack there of-- the future is in the hands of their parent.

What ethics are we instilling in our kids these days? Have we forgotten how to act? It is a disgrace to see various videos of parents cheering their teen on while fighting another teen on the playground. It sickens me to think we are so ignorant in this country. Why are we allowing our teenagers to host parties with alcohol present- have we not enough tragedies in this world already? We need to get back to the basics of raising our kids with proper morals, ethics and beliefs. In other words, we cannot stop bullying in this country until parents take some responsibility for their actions and make positive changes in their lives.

In the same respect, teenagers are old enough to know what is right and wrong. A 'slap on the wrist' won't phase most of them anyway- so what is the answer? I would love to know how you feel about this?

Maybe you are the underdog on the football team, the only openly gay student in your school, one of three black students in your class... how do you cope? What are your ideas? My prayers are with you-- you are NOT different, there is no normal these days. In a time where our country is SO fragile.. troops overseas, Chrisitianity is consider a joke and the hot topic on Good Morning America is Lindsay Lohan going to rehab again.. I apologize that such important issues such as bulling have been overlooked. You do not deserve this, nobody does!

This issue is something that is weighing heavy on my heart... I encourcage all of our parents to read this and use it in your everyday life. Be the bigger person! I challenge our media and celebrity figures to show control, act in a way that is positive for our teens who are idolizing you each and everyday. Sex tapes are NOT the answer, cussing on television shows NO class, acting like rich high class snobs DOES NOT help us, the middle class out. Bring yourself down and see the real issues-- your lives are blasted all over our television screens, think before you act. As a mother, sister and woman... I'm begging.

Until next time.. xO.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crazy, Chaos.. just how I like it!

Have you ever tried to get somewhere but just couldn't? Late for everything? Wanted to get to those dishes done before bed, but your eyes were burning? Planned on buying a card for the wedding but took too long to get ready and walked into the reception card-less... take a step into my office!

Lately, I feel like I can't keep up; like I'm swimming upstream rather. If it isn't one thing, I swear its another. A couple of weeks ago, Braylon experienced a severe allergic reaction.. but to what? This lasted for 4 days.. after 2 trips to our pathetic pediatrician's office, I finally drove Bray to the ER. His left eye looked like he just stepped out of a boxing ring and the rest of his body was consumed with huge red and white puffy circles and he was itchin' like the dickins! It was a sad scene; never had I felt so helpless.

He was miserable and 'baby' benedryl wasn't doing anything for him. Bray and I sat (not really) in the ER for the majority of the morning before severe doctors told us, "We just don't know what could be causing this reaction, we may never know"... Thank you! Needless to say, we have no idea how my poor lovey could have such a severe reaction, but he is looking like himself again. What a stressful week though- any working mom knows what I'm talking about. I felt so torn between my obligation to work and tending to Braylon. It all worked out but it was another obstacle of being a working mom.

Emily & Josh flew home for Grant's homecoming which just so happened to be at the tail-end of Braylon's break out. Overall, it was still a great weekend. They won the game and Emily & I were able to have some great QT together. We hung out, watched the MI game, played with Bray and had a bonfire. Weekends like that warm my heart; so bittersweet. Some days are worse than other though; having her all the way in Texas is so difficult but we make it work. Weekly skype dates (love technology) and daily g-chat convos fill the void of living on opposites sides (north & south) of this great country.

Isn't this a great picture of us during the Homecoming parade... <3>

Here are some more pictures from our weekend.. enjoy :)

After that weekend, another full force ahead work week came and went. I swear life during the week is a blur.. its another one of those trying to keep up stories. Between Braylon, working and volleyball I can hardly find time to shower.. jokes! This past weekend was CMU's homecoming. All of my college roommates and I made plans to head back to CMU to celebrate being alumni and reunite for a weekend together! Let me just say, coming back is not the same! I also don't really drink these days so that I'm sure had a lot to do with it. We had terrific weather to tailgate in, it was high 60s with lots of sunshine! I have to say, just being around friends like them makes me melt; I've missed them so much but my life back home has me moving in another direction. I will forever be thankful to have met such great people!

Now, I'm buried deep in this work week but will admit I have a hard time believing it is already Wednesday. My volleyball season is coming to an end.. YES! I actually need to cut this short and head to our game tonight... until next time, ONElove!