Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm Back

I haven't wrote in months and for a reason. I love to write, I used to write because I needed to -- mentally. I realized that instead of writing about my feelings I needed to really approach them on a different level.

So... Winter became a time of growth for me. I just didn't feel that writing would help me grow during a time of deep confusion. I did a lot of soul searching, dug deeper than I ever have with my faith and tested my relationship with Dajuan. I fully commited to a church and have found so much reward from attending every week... I can hardly wait to get my next spoonful the next Sunday. My baby turned 2 in April and I've come to realize he is no longer a 'baby'. Dajuan and I are stronger than ever, I love him more every single day.

My life is nowhere near perfect, it never will be. I will say I've grown into my skin and role as a mother and wife.

I just wanted to check-in quick and welcome myself back to the writing game. The weather has finally broke and I feel like I can come out of this cacoon I've placed myself in and fly. I have a lot in store this summer and can't wait to keep you all updated.