Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Enough is Enough

Happy Wednesday!

Yesterday was election day.. yay, fun for me; although, I'm sure most of you hate it! I don't know what it is but I engulf myself into politics.. lately more than ever. I find myself googling terms, searching for articles and watching endless videos.. I constantly want to know more more more! I am firery, I have an opinion, I want to be heard and yet, I still feel like I don't know enough.

It bothers me more than anything when someone catorgizes me as not caring for the poor because I vote republican (red).. really? I work two jobs, am a recent college graduate with student loans up to my nose and most importantly I am a young mother. If anyone needs help, it's me! You will never see me with my hand out begging- it is my responsibility to take care of myself and my family. I am working 2, not one but 2 jobs currently and picked up a coaching job on top of that for Christmas money. I worked full-time through college and still didn't make enough to not take out loans.

I am most definitely NOT upset that I have to pay for healthcare, that I have to buy baby food and that I have to work to get money, why should I be? These days it is too easy to get assistance. Let me let you in on an incident that recently happened to me. When Braylon, my son, was born I was offered WIC. A program (wonderful might I add) offered to young mothers and their children for assistance with formula, food and nutritional items. I am not the type to let go of my pride and take free help but at the time, I was fresh out of college in a dead market and desperate to give my child the best of the best. I decided I would give WIC a try; we mainly used it for formula since Braylon was required to use a special brand that cost $21.50 a can.

When Braylon was 10 months old, I weened him off of formula and began feeding him regular milk and baby food. I set up a consultation with WIC and informed them I would no longer be needing their services but was grateful for their help. The woman who was on the other side of the desk looked at me confused... "Excuse me Mrs. Jefferson, you mean you don't want to continue with our services? Ma'am this service is available until your child is 5, it's free Ma'am." I insisted that I was through with their service but thanked them for helping me when I had nowhere else to turn.

The moral of this story is, assistance is there if you need it but don't take advantage of it. In fact, that service isn't free... you, as tax payers paid for my formula for 10 months and I thank you for that. As a citizen and tax payer myself, I knew that I had the option to feed off of the Government for the next 5 years but how fair is that? How considerate am I to do that when I am able to work myself to feed my own child- because in fact, it is my child not yours.

I believe in old school ways. You get what you work for. You are who you work to be. Having morals and proclaiming yourself a Christian (or whatever religion you practice) is normal.

So, yes, I am a Republican! I vote straight Republican ticket every time and will continue to do so. I believe in working hard and getting what you worked for. I do understand that there are circumstances where one may not be able to provide for their family; hence the assistance available; however, feeding off of our country for years and years is a shame. I do agree there needs to be change with our system; trust me, I am not getting paid nearly enough, but I'm doing what I need to do so my child is fed and has clothes on his back. I continue the search to understand our policies; I believe we can pull out of this mess we have gotten ourselves into. Our culture is so self-indulgent; we believe that we are owed everything at the cost of everyone else. It saddens me.

America, this is your responsiblity. Get educated; know the facts. We as the middle class are not the only ones who need tax breaks; small businesses who provide the majority of jobs for us need them too. Small businesses are the men and women who have worked day in and day out to provide jobs to others; they are the American way of doing things.

Our country is so clouded right now; what a shame. My prayers are with our President every single day... the people have spoken, are you listening?

"On the average day, we live caught up in ourselves. On the average day, we don't consider God very much. On the average day, we forget that our life truly is a vapor." -Francis Chan

Use your short time on this earth to make a difference.

ONE love,

Abby Marie


  1. I am bursting with pride that I know you Abby Childs Jefferson. You're gonna go far in this life. You have what it takes. Love you. Kathy

  2. So that quote... by Francis Chan, SO GOOD. I feel like God has been trying to tell me that for like --- well my whole life, but lately its really resonating with me, actually more like slapping me in the face. But so good. : )

  3. Another one. Count it. You continue to give your readers a light into your thoughts accompanied with goosebumps and a large sense of pride. Whether or not I agree in voting straight Republican ticket every election in every circumstance has no resonance, because my friend, you bring to light the humanity and realism in one's everyday struggles. Keep doing what you do Abbs, you know I'm always a half step behind you if you need support.

    love love love you.