Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Typical Tuesdays

Hey All!! I made the switch from wordpress to blogspot, I think I'm going to be a lot happier with this!

I cannot believe this weather, it is absolutely GORGEOUS. I'm looking out the office window like a sad puppy whose owners are gone for the day... you know what I'm talking about! Having a full time job is challenging, even more so in the summer months.

TONIGHT marks the Finale of Dancing With The Stars.... BITTERSWEEEEET! Finally, I will have my Monday and Tuesday nights back. I have found myself planning my schedule around being home to watch DWTS, pathetic possibly? This season is so good though, they really have some good dancers on there and it's so fun to watch. Unfortunately, I will never be able to dance like that. Braylon loves the music, he bops up and down and pretends to snap his fingers ((( so cute ))). I think I want Erin Andrews and Max to win, I was so undecided but I think they have come a long way and are so fun to watch. I do like watching Nicole from the Pussy Cat Dolls but I have mixed feelings about her. Dancing is part of her perfession, you know what I'm saying. I will say though, she is an AMAZING dancer!! Good luck to all three, but whoever wins does deserve!

So today marks day three of my dieting of workouts... so far so good :) I'm actually in that 'workout mode' and hopefully will stay focused. Originally I wanted to be in shape by the time my hubby and I got camping in mid June; now, I've decided I want to make it a permanent lifestyle. I KNOW it sounds a lot easier than it is, but I have a lot of motivation behind this. Who doesn't want to look good!? I am almost back down to where I was pre-baby, but I really need to tighten up and tone. I started running every night, only a mile or so but that's all it takes. That one mile will turn into 3 then 4 etc... I'm excited to see my end result, I'll have to post a updated picture in mid June (maybe) haha.

Well for all of you who aren't in an office today, I'm JEALOUS, but enjoy it! I'll be here at my desk slaving away.. or will I :) Happy Tuesday, one day closer to a long Holiday weekend!

Until next time... xO.

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  1. I went on my scuba trip and then forgot to start following your posts. I'm going to catch up and read them all from here. LY... Unc P