Wednesday, August 11, 2010

These are the days...

I hate that I haven't blogged in a while... I think about doing it all the time, my fingers just haven't had the ambition. I've been preoccupied with working two jobs, a baby name Braylon and twitter.. haha!

This past weekend Emily flew back into town for Becky's wedding. We were both bridesmaids and it was honestly one of the best weekends we have had in SO SO LONG! We had so much one on one time together and it was just so great to chat in person! Here are a couple photos of all of us from this weekend (More to come, just have to find the time to upload the camera)

I cannot believe I turn 24 this weekend, where does time go? This weekend we aren't doing anything too special, just hanging out. I'm hoping to go to the beach tomorrow and let Braylon do his thing in the water. Then on Sunday we are having some family over to our new place to BBQ and enjoy the last bits of summer.. sigh.

I hate that summer is coming to an end but the only good thing about fall is, FOOTBALL! My baby brother made Varsity this year, so proud :) I won't lie, I'm pretty excited about watching him play on Friday night under the lights.

Don't you think it'd be cute if I got a personalized outfit for Braylon to wear each Friday to Grant's games? I'm definitely going to check that out, soon!

Even though summer is coming to a close, I still have a count down of events coming up!!

August 28, Dajuan and I are headed to Saugatuck for the annual Margarita Party @ the Yacht Club... hard to believe this will be our 3rd year attending! I'm bartending again, it's always a good time and we get to spend the entire weekend on Lake MI, with family and friend, what's better than that?

The very next weekend, Braylon & I are hopping a jet plane down ATX to see my sissy in the deep south! She has our weekend all mapped out for us::: full of, pedicures, pools, site-seeing and margaritas... YES PLEASE!!

After we head back to MI from a weekend get-a-way, I have my brother's football games to look forward to as well CMU's Homecoming football game... all of my college roomies and I are going to pack up and spend the weekend together. Can you say, EXCITED!? I haven't been to CMU since I graduated in 2008, it is well overdue!!

Before I know it, it will be Christmas again... whew!

I hope everyone's summer has been blessed. I know mine has. God has been working in my life so much. I am continually praying for guidance on my career future, my marriage, my son and my family. I am so thankful to have a relationship with God that is understanding and truthful.

I still have many days that are available; if anyone wants to meet up, go to the beach, go to dinner or have a skype date... CALL ME! Life is too short to wait..

I'll leave you with a recent photo of my handsome man @ church camp with his Auntie.. xoxoxo



  1. WOW Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to right now :) I love your blog.


  2. I second Emily's comment. and I do LOVE your blog. I always mean to and forget or get overwhelmed with other things. Can't wait to see you at CMU.... oh boy. the memories. <3

    love love love you.


  3. Braylon's got some rowdy looking hair! LOL

    Glad you're doing well. Hope to see you sometime soon.

  4. You DO know that summer doesn't end until the third week of September, right? That means there's still most of a month before its over. Let's not rush it now, eh? grin. Nice pics. You guys really know how to set off the smiles. Bam!