Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Test the Waters

So I had the most amazing thing happen to me recently, I just have to share. In previous posts I've mentioned my desire to dig deeper with God and how I've struggled with my faith in the past. In 2010 I poured my heart out to God and gave him a shot... My Aunt Prudie always says, "God does not disappoint".

I've learned that my time isn't his time and my view isn't his. Anyways, in late 2010 when Dajuan and I were in a car accident the bills pilled up $1,105 to be exact. It seemed like one thing after another. I worked double shifts at Zehnders on top of working full time to cover those extra payments. I made just over $1,000 coaching volleyball and all in one day that money was gone (to other bills too). At the time, I tried to convince myself that God had me prepared for this mess by giving me a coaching job and allowing me to waitress on the weekends. It was a rough and dark fall but we managed and my journey only strengthened. After reading a book about being a lukewarm Christian, I realized I wasn't doing enough and wasn't being the person I needed to be, so I decided to make some changes.

When I wasn't working Sundays and could make church I would put double in than I normally would. I've always wanted to be that person who put their 10% tithe in each week but never fully trusted God enough with my money. The more I learn and read the more I understand that this really isn't my money... it's His. I remember walking out of the grocery store and putting a handful of cash in the bell ringer's pot and thinking "Okay God, that was my money for the week but here You go." It was a good feeling though, I felt peaceful about it and happy.

As Christmas came and went so did my paycheck... I'm sure you can relate! Sunday, I picked up the mail that had piled up while my family was here and filed through the envelopes. I noticed one in particular, Med Billing was the return address. My heart sunk to my stomach because I was just SURE it was another bill. To my surprise.. it wasn't.

I had received a letter from Birch Run Township regarding our car accident and the $500 we owed for fire and rescue. The letter informed me that my account had been paid in full and my remaining balance of $300 was written off. They also included my check and returned it in full.

I started to sob. I felt God. I knew He was the only reason this happened. This doesn't just happen. There was NO reason for this to just happen. God is GOOD. I tested His waters and He answered. I didn't expect Him to repay me in any way but I knew that if I was faithful He would be too. I am so thankful and blessed. His Grace and Favor is bigger than anything I've ever experienced.

Test Him. Know Him. Love Him.

Abby Marie

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  1. Abby!!!.. How exciting to read this! I am so excited you sought God and He answered! Hurray!! :)