Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mixed Emotions.... LeBron

Okay, so I just had to write quick. I've been sitting here w/ my hubby watching "The Decision".... LeBron's decision on what team he is going to play with this fall. A special on it, really?

It's so weird because I'm torn. I LOVE watching sports, Dajuan is a freak when it comes to basketball.... but why do we surround sports with SO MUCH MONEY. Stewart Scott said to LeBron, "It's obvious you made your decision on championships and not money." HUH? He's making millions and millions.

He is doing this with a good heart, donating to The Boys and Girls Club, supporting Foundations etc... but how come he is worth that much money. We're a country who pushes education, yet he played pro straight out of high school. ummm... okay, that's fine yet he is pushing to be a "billionare". I LOVE LEBRON, lets get that straight. But I feel bad being such a supporter when it's hypocracy. How can we not afford to pay our bills, pay for our own flipping healthcare etc, yet we can pay for jerseys, tickets to a game, sponsorships with Nike, Vitamin Water and McDonalds.

I think that sports bring a lighter focus to life. They bring a sense of joy to those who are experiencing economic hardship and just need a place to escape too... I get all of that, and I fall victim to it myself. I guess, I just don't understand our culture, our world, our priorities.... I don't understand. How can one person be worth so much money, have so much influence and be considered so powerful.... and he's just an athlete.

I'm happy he's in Miami, I love sports... I guess I just don't understand how we can want to have Social Medicine in this country, and pay our doctors 50 K a year, when they are saving lives, and athletes are just athletes... You know what I mean right?

This is more of a journal entry than anything--- I just feel torn. I want to love how much hype one sole athlete can bring to a country, yet I don't understand why it is so important.

Food for thought, goodnight.

PS.. Go Heat!

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  1. Well Abby, we either believe in letting the free market work, or, not. I sense you lean slightly right of center, am I right? If that is the case then Lebron does what he can to get what the market will bear. The reason certain of our sportsmen get paid so much is due to TV money. When this money first hit the sports world ONLY the owners got the benefit; then, once the players realized that THEY were the draw they began to insist on getting paid too. If you want to blame someone for the mad money they get, blame sports crazy people like your hubs who never misses a game on the tube. Advertising is where the money comes from ultimately, as they sell their products to Dujuan and all the other sports nuts out there (not me!). I'm just saying....