Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Lately life has been full, really full. I've picked up a bunch of extra hours lately at Zehnders on top of working full time at Air Advantage. Dajuan and I are on a mission to pay all the "extras" off and start to build a bank account. Sounds like a plan right?

So on top of working, I had a great few days at home with my boys over the long weekend. Braylon absolutely loves his turtle pool that his Mimi got for him. He literally dove head first into the freezing cold water and loved every second of it.

Braylon also tried out golfing. Daddy was helping him 'tee up'. It's so cute to see the two of them together sometimes. Dajuan gets such pride when it comes to showing Braylon anything--- especially, when it comes to sports. It reminds me of the Disney movie, The Lion King, when Mufasa would puff his chest out and strut his stuff for baby cub, Simba!

They are two peas in a pod... it's great! Don't worry about me though, when it comes to loving, Braylon saves it all for me :) He is such a lover, always giving me kisses and hugs. No better feeling.

Can you believe this weather though? It's been so beautiful--- summers like this, make me never want to leave Michigan.

Right now life is peaceful- sorta. I finally feel, settled. Of course there will always be tasks to get done, but those can wait. It's so difficult to be a young mom and wife. Life keeps its pace and I'm in the back of the pack running out of gas, you know what I mean? I've been pushing for stability and normalcy in my daily routine... I'm starting to think I've found it.

My sister recently blogged that change is inevitable-- and it's true; but it's also what you make of it. I still have a hard time believing what my life has become. Not too long ago I took a peek at my tagged pictures on facebook from college and thought to myself-- that was my life, really? Life has changed SO much, it's hard to remember any other way. I never would have pictured myself as a mother and wife at the age of 23, but I have to say, I wear it pretty nice :)

Life is what you make of it-- each of us will walk it out differently. In my case, it just so happens that I was blessed with this...

Oh Happy Day... ONE love.

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