Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I always get anxious to check the mail; don't ask me why because 9 times out of 10 its usually bills, but I always have hope for something exciting! On Saturday, I made Dajuan stop at the mailbox to let me see what kind of goodies we were blessed with for the weekend. Can you believe I was actually randomly chosen, for a tax audit. Well thank-you IRS, exactly what I was hoping for on my Saturday afternoon! ARGH!

How is it that, I am randomly 'chosen' to serve on jury duty and a tax audit within months of each other? The government must know I've got their number! Ugh... so needless to say, I'm done with the mailbox!

I wish my number was magically chosen for something outrageous like the lottery!! If I won the lottery, I would put the money to good use. I would take care of everyone close to me, first and foremost. I would completely pay off my student loans, my sister's and my husband's -- then give the loan collectors a big kiss and a pat on the tush and tell them to delete my number, because this well has RUN DRY! Then I would become a philanthropist.

I think that philanthropy is amazing. I would love to have the money to give to other people and organizations. What a good feeling that must be; creating jobs, saving lives, donating to non-profits. How rewarding, don't you agree? When I think of philanthropy, I think of DeVos. When I was living/working in Grand Rapids, for an economic development firm, I was overwhelmed with the amount of money in that city. It's mind blowing how much wealth is circulated through Grand Rapids and West Michigan from just one family.

Raise your hand if you wish Dick DeVos was our current governor. (Both of mine are raised extra high). I truly believe that if we had voted in DeVos rather than.. what's her name... our state would be running as smoothly as the city of Grand Rapids. Thankfully, we've passed a smoking ban in bars and a no texting while driving law... too bad her days are numbered, she may have been able to tackle some critical issues in upcoming years. How did she serve two terms? Again, what a joke.

I'm sorry for constantly discussing politics, but how can't you? I truly don't understand people who don't stay in tuned with our current status in America. I feel so silenced.


  1. Don't be sorry for discussing politics. You are so smart and talented, I think you should discuss it more. You are blessed with a personality that is not afraid of what you believe. That can go to very veery good use!!! Be confident in you, and in your ability, and in your talent!!! You amaze me every day with how smart and gifted you are- keep pressing into the Lord and I know his will for you and your career are going to be awesome- as long as you are all in it to further the Kingdom with not just your Sunday's but with your work and play and your whole life!!! You're awesome, love you.

  2. Yes, talk politics, why not? Anyway, if you're wrong I"LL be SURE to straighten ya out, eh? chuckle... I sent an email to Amy Cook yesterday to make sure I get my absentee voting ballot... I WILL be voting this November. I can't wait!