Monday, June 21, 2010

Fly ((high)) ANGEL

Hope you all had a great weekend! This past weekend, Dajuan and I and a group of our friends headed up to Ludington for the Gus Macker on the beach. Couldn't have asked for better weather; needless to say I look like I've been cooked to medium well!

It's funny, I'm just not used to being around adults outside of work anymore... I'm not sure if you really understand what I'm trying to say. To put it in simplier terms, I just can't hang like I used too. You are probably thinking, Oh Abby, you're only 23 years young! Honestly, I'm tired by midnight and not into the party scene at all anymore.

I had the best time at the beach all day Saturday. We had our toes in the sand, soaking up the rays and sipping on some cocktails. I even braved the bitterly cold Lake Michigan to take a quick dip! By 10 pm, I was ready to call it a night. Meanwhile everyone else was just getting started...wha wha wha!! My mind was trying to coach me through it, "Abby you can do this, come on, you know you can." My body was screaming, "Abby you can't do this, come on, you need to go home to bed." HAHA. It was one of those situations where I knew I was overly tired but I wanted to prove to myself that I could still have fun and be a mom at the same time.

I apologize to those of you I was with that night for not feeling good and being a Debbie Downer!! Overall it was a great weekend with friends, can't wait to do it again next year :)

After heading home from Ludington, we were all exhausted except for Baby Braylon, he was ready to play! He missed us hehe :) Considering it was Father's Day, I made Dajuan his meal of choice. Shake and Bake Chicken, cheesy potatoes, veggies and rice. Two starches, just what my rear end was asking for! After dinner, Braylon kept daddy and I on our toes climbing and crawling all over the place... It's amazing to me how kids his age show no fear. Regardless, I love watching my baby boy be so active.

Today, I headed into work, looking somewhat like a lobster. Regardless, I was happy the weekend was over and I heading back to work. One of the ladies I've met since working at Air Advantage, Mary Jane Borchard, was in the office bright and early as she is every payroll Monday. She is usually as chipper as a bird, smiling from ear to ear. Today was different. Her demeaner was quiet and somewhat off. I wanted to approach her but waited for her to say something first.

Let me give you a little background about Mary Jane (MJ). Her husband is running for Saginaw County Circuit Judge right now, if you live here, VOTE for Jim Borchard!! He's a good guy and stands for what we need here! Aside from that she is huge into family. From the first day I started at Air Advantage she couldn't stop gushing about her family; I found it comforting. She slowly began to unravel about her young niece, Anaya Kathryn. Anaya just so happens to be the exact same age as Braylon. They were born two weeks apart, so of course I enjoyed hearing stories about her young niece because I could relate.

What MJ finally told me was that Anaya was diagnosed with a rare disease just after the first of the year. At first they weren't sure how severe it would be, the doctors ran a series of tests and couldn't really give them a straight answer. Her symptoms were heavy congestion, she couldn't sit up, or turn her neck on her own. In February she caught a cold from her 3 year old brother, Thys, which eventually landed her in the hospital. She was given hours, even days to live. Her parents were in shock, her family (MJ)was overwhelmed and saddened. I couldn't stop thinking about this little girl, who deserved none of this and how lucky I was to have such a healthy baby. I prayed for Anaya every night when I rocked Braylon to sleep. I would look at him and could only imagine the pain and fear Anaya's parents had to be feeling.

Hours turned to days and days turned to months... before you knew it little Anaya was released from the hospital and spent her days being a "Diva" according to MJ. I became fasinated with this little girl and her family whom I had never even met. I followed her carepages daily, reading her updates and filing through her gorgeous pictures. Anaya's mother did a fabulous job with her pages she posted. It was amazing the strength this woman developed through such a trying situation. She always was faithful to God and looked to him for peace and strenth.

Recently, I realized the carepage posts got fewer and far between and MJ stopped talking about Anaya as much. A week or two ago I approach MJ about Anaya. She was all smiles! She said, "Abby, I just don't know what to think, it boggles my mind how well she is doing, she's truly a miracle. She then said, "I'm scared though... I'm scared because the future is so unknown." What a powerful statement, right?

MJ is right the future is unknown, it is unknown for all of us though. In one split second our lives could change forever. Just like that, life did change for Anaya and her family. Early Sunday morning, Jesus took Anaya's suffering away and she went to be with him. I stood there in shock and tears when MJ told me the news. I thought to myself, that can't be, MJ had just told me how well she had been doing.

The truth is, it doesn't matter how well she had appeared to be doing, her time here on earth was over. God has a plan for her family and a reason for why they took their baby girl so soon. I again was taking back, thinking to myself, how blessed I am to have Braylon and how our lives are so unknown. I ask that you all pray for Anaya and her family right now during this very difficult time. May this be a reminder to you all that our life here on earth is really nothing to the life that God has planned for us in heaven. Fly high baby angel!

One Love.


  1. i just cried. thanks a lot Abbs.

    my thoughts and prayers are with MJ. <3

  2. Great Blog Abs. Sure wish you were coming to the Grand Opening Saturday. I miss you.

  3. Abby, You are a blessing to this family! I will pass your blog to all of them. Your words bring comfort and joy knowing that Anaya's life meant so much to so many people.... Even those that didn't get to meet her. She truly had a purpose here and we all picture her in the arms of the Savior. Actually.... He won't be able to hold her long cuz she'll want to be running around!!!!! Finally!!! Love you!!! MJ

  4. Wow. From a day on the beach to the tragic death of a child. What a ride Abs. Jarring. I think I'll hug my children first chance I get. Thanks for reminding me to do that.