Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Women Prevail... YAY!!

I've been keeping a close eye on Rep. Haley throughout the past week or so. I think she is a fresh face that is what South Carolina (America) needs. A real womean who knows how to balance her check book and keep her priorities in line. So what if former Gov. Palin supports her? Is that really a bad thing? PLEASE! You go girl!

On top of Rep. Haley's poll pull ahead, four other women have topped voter polls as well. It's a good day to be a woman. :) I'm not one of those people who are pro-women all the time; I will say that I do believe that states like South Carolina and California need to see a change and this may be exactly what they need.

I wish I had the ability to have my voice heard the way that these women do. I believe in everything they are saying. I want the voice of the American middle class to be heard. I want to know that our government does have concerns with how we feel! There are so many issues I am clueless on, but my inner being yearns to learn more... I'm not sure what about politics thrills me but I find myself researching random topics.

I also envy the ladies of The View. I think that show is GENIUS. These women have one hour every single day to voice whatever is on their mind. Fashion, politics, motherhood, Hollywood, religion... amazing! When Braylon was little and I didn't work morning I would watch The View every single day. Usually when the hour was over I was worn out from screaming right along with the ladies, HAHA!

Either way I think that women are such an inspiration to our country. We are smart, independent and the backbone of a real man :) Congratulation ladies on a job well done!

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