Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Good Morning! Hopefully everyone had a amazing Memorial Day weekend. It was a hectic one for the Jefferson clan, but what one isn't?

Friday we headed to Jackson for Dajuan's brother Devlin's graduation ceremony. Congrats Dev!!

Saturday was amazing!!!!! We woke up really early and headed back north to Frankenmuth. I scooted over to get my hair cut and colored (( LOVE IT by the way))!! While I was getting my hair cut, Daddy and Braylon went over to Marc and Morgan's house and worked on the boat :)

As soon as I finished at the hair salon all of us headed north to Sanford Lake... what a beautiful lake!! Braylon was the ultimate sailor, he seriously LOVED the water. We spent the majority of the afternoon watching Dajuan attempt to wakeboard (( what a sight to see )) hahahaha. Although after numerous tries and an hour later, he FINALLY GOT UP!! Whoo hoo babe :) It was such a great day, we got some great sun and relaxed.

After a few great hours we packed up ship and headed back home. It was a such a long day, Braylon was knocked out by 7:30 and didn't wake up until 7:30 am the next day! AMEN, I'm thinking we need to invest in a boat and lakefront property so mommy and daddy get sleep like that more often!!

Sunday was another eventful day... for me at least. I worked 9 hours at Zehnder's. I wasn't thrilled about it, but the money was good and the day passed fairly quickly. That night when I got home, my feet were killing me and my back muscles were so tight.. but Dajuan and Braylon were ready to do something so I sucked it up and agreed.

After all it was a weekend of celebration and tribute to our troops. What better way to salute our armed forces than fireworks!? We decided to head downtown to the plaza. It was such a beautiful night! Dajuan and I sipped on some icy German drafts and let Braylon watch the lights in the sky. He was amazed... he kept studying them; I always wonder what his little mind is thinking. He would stare at the sky and then turn and look at us... I'm assuming it was for reassurance that the loud noises weren't going to get him.

The fireworks lasted for a good fifteen minutes or more. I actually got a bit emotional thinking about the significance of the fireworks. Our country is in such troubling times; it is so important that we take those few minutes to truly understand and adknowledge the meaning of Memorial Day. THANK YOU to all of my family members who served and are serving as well as my friends who are serving here and across seas. You are my heros, you are the people I admire... please know, you are not forgotten. I pray for you all often and am praying for our President to continually make decisions in the best interest for YOU!

After the 'show' ended we headed for home... Dajuan was disappointed we were only gone for a bit, I showed pity for him but inside I was so happy! All I wanted was my bed :) Overall a great night though, love spending time like that with my boys. I want Braylon to grow up witnessing family and tradition... I hope that each year we build more and more traditions like that with our baby boy!

Monday was great as well... I mean the weather wasn't as perfect as the past 7 days had been but whose complaining! Mimi came and picked up Braylon and we all hung out for the day. Bray LOVES his Mimi... she gives him the attention that his mommy has learned to stop giving haha. He swam in his turtle pool and we took afternoon naps :)

Dajuan was gone golfing but when he was done he took me to Art Van...YES! We needed a new bedroom set SO bad. It wasn't just a want, it was an absolute priority. When I came across the sale special for Memorial Weekend we just couldn't pass it up. What better time to buy than now? We are moving this week and they deliver... why not? It's so beautiful and perfect... I couldn't be happier. A great ending to a great weekend!

I am hopeful that you all had a great weekend as well!! Now, it's June and the summer craziness begins... stay tuned for all of our craziness throughout the summer months.. until next time.. xO

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